Meet Josh

An inspired visionary stemming from the impoverished country of the Philippines, Josh drew a connection between homelessness and lack of education very early on in his life. When he first immigrated to the United States, he thought the worst was over: Education was free, and children did not have to work. It wasn’t until his senior year in high school that Josh realized that free education does not mean equal education, as he watched numerous classmates struggle in school because of their unstable home environments.

A college student himself, Josh wants to pave a way for others to pursue their education, as well. While he completes his two Bachelor degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Josh hopes to be able to help those less fortunate than he by providing them with clothes to wear. He understands that the lack of clothes is only a very small factor in the tragedy of homelessness, which is why he plans to create a scholarship fund with funds acquired through his sales.